毎週水曜21時【KaguyaのMoonRay Memory】のメインパーソナリティーを務める。

・バンド【Chain of Spirit’s】の作詞・作曲・ボーカル・バイオリンとしての活動も積極的に行っている。


· Having a variety of faces including “Creator” “Designer” “Sound Producer” “Lifestyle Counselor” “Astrologer” “Medical Staff”

She will start activities as multi artists across the country, not only in Tokyo.

· After childhood spent in nature rich Kumamoto prefecture, after graduating from Faculty of Agriculture (genetic engineering), also entered the National Graduate School of Medicine.

Taking advantage of the experience of learning both natural science and medical science and the experience of music that had been continuing since childhood,

[Real barrier-free “dance classroom of mind”] with parents of people with disabilities.

Currently, it is a unique method, Niigata, Tokyo together work together in three places.

Also works as an MC for various events and seminars.

· Also active as a lyrics, composition, arrangement, goods, costume, accessory design / production, illustrator, director / choreographer.

· FM 84.2 Radio Tsukuba

Every Wednesday at 21:00〜

[Kaguya’s MoonRay Memory]

serve as the main personality.

· Actively acting as a lyrics / composition / vocal of the band [Chain of Spirit’s].